Puppy or Seal??? Watch this adorable dog change into 2 different animals!


Found this today on Today.com , “As if a bichon frise puppy wasn’t cute enough, this little ball of fluff has exceeded its cuteness. In a Facebook video posted by People’s Daily, China, this pooch shows that it can transform itself into another animal in no time! While being groomed, the pup continues to pull its ears back making it look identical to a happy, little seal — and it’s adorable.”

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While I was picking up some items at the BEST vet hospital ever, Fishtown Animal Hospital , I saw this postcard  with LIFE SAVING information that I needed to share and share this ASAP with you. Print this, forward it and shout it from from the roof tops  CONTINUE READING


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Having a dog may give you a sexier body!

Just like you, I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to look half my age and act even younger…hahaha! So you can imagine my total and complete elation when I stumbled upon the “make you younger tip” below!!!

Thanks to the dope blogger at BarkBox, we now know that walking and loving our dogs keep us young! CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Ohhhh LAWD! Pam Anderson make dog walking look good! PS- she’s one of our heroes. Pam works and works and WORKS to defend our worlds wild and domestic animals. She is compassionate and amazing inspiration. For more information on her organization visit http://www.pamelaandersonfoundation.org/paf/

Je Suis Diesel, Revisited!




Glamour Shots of Our Peeps!

We DIG this